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Monday, Sep 23, 2013




Restaurant Kook , an Osteria & Pizzeria in Rome, Italy , is designed by Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini of Noses Architects. This contemporary restaurant serves traditional Italian food in an original setting.  For the interior industrial materials such as concrete and steel are combined with traditional tiles and furniture pieces that look as they are vintage finds.










Friday, Sep 20, 2013




Boutique hotel Can Xuxu  which means ‘House of Darlings’ in Spanish) is hidden on a hillside in Cala Tarida, near San Jose on Ibiza. This utterly chic and comfortable guesthouse is known for its impeccable aesthetic, laid back ambience and stunning sea and sunset views.




French owner Alexandre Narakas turned the 100-year old home, which has been in his family for over twenty years, into a luxurious retreat. In his former career as a fashion designer Alexandre had developed an eye for detail and great taste. This is reflected in the decor of the rooms; each room is beautifully decorated with handmade furniture from Indonesia, hand-stitched Egyptian cotton and with ethnic Asian touches.




Thursday, Sep 19, 2013




Under the shade of a giant Sequoia tree, nestled in a beautiful established garden surrounded by neighboring vineyards and orchards you will find a beautiful rustic chic home. Orchard Keepers was originally 3 separate cottages dating back to the 1890′s & 1950′s, but is has now been lovingly restored and transformed into a beautiful four bedroom home and a separate workers cottage providing country chic accommodation for 10 people on 10 acres  in the heart of Red Hill in Victoria, Australia.




Inside there are wood burning fireplaces, lovely linen sofas and beautiful vintage & antique furniture.




Chalk white walls, waxed floorboards, wood burning heater, queen size bed, Bedouin Societe linen, feather pillows, fully equipped kitchenette & bathroom. Beautifully decorated with linen sofa & provincial antiques. French doors opening to the surrounding garden and sea views.




Wednesday, Sep 4, 2013

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This is the new South Yarra store of Pressed Juices, a small chain of cold-pressed juice bars in Australia. I love the design of the interior as well as the packaging and the entire branding. The simple white, black and pine timber crates emphasizes their organic approach. Simply gorgeous!









Image credits: Photo Credits Brooke Holm, via Share Design.



Monday, Sep 2, 2013

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La Maison Pernoise is a wonderful new concept store in Pernes les Fontaines in the Provence, France.  The store is located in a beautiful industrial style building which is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area of Avignon.  The collection offered is a combination of fashion, home decoration accessories, books and kids fashion, toys and accessories. All items are selected by owner Lau, who has great taste.






Friday, Aug 30, 2013




A lovely new salad and juice bar recently opened it’s doors in Amsterdam. SLA (which means salad in Dutch) serves healthy food such as salads, healthy snacks, juices and soups. They even have a chocolate cakes that contains no sugar!  SLA’s aim is to bring you an abundance of healthy guilty pleasures that give you all-day energy, rather than a short sugar rush. They spot the purest ingredients packed with flavor, and turns them into delish dishes.




The beautiful interior, which is based on the idea of a glasshouse, is designed by Dutch studio Nicemakers.




Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

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Stach is a great (delicatessen) shop / restaurant / take-away with two stores in Amsterdam. The one in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat (featured in the images) is a bit smaller than the store in the Van Woustraat. In the latter one you can also sit down and enjoy a meal. In both stores you can buy fresh take-away meals, coffees, sandwiches and delicous delicatessen products. Last weekend we enjoyed a delicious meatball sandwich at Stach in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat  - you can see my son and husband featured in the last image!








Monday, Aug 26, 2013

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Dutch fashion label Yaya recently opened it’s first flagship store in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam), The Netherlands. This beautiful store, selling a combination of a fashion and home-wares, is designed by AnoukB, who is also responsible for the branding and the entire concept. Yaya’s collection can be described as relaxed with a luxury bite. Their home accessories collection reflects a mix of modern, never boring classics.








Friday, Aug 23, 2013




Isn’t this bookstore in Aix en Provence, France, the most beautiful and unique you have ever seen?!


Image source: unknown



Thursday, Aug 22, 2013

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Situated near Vence at the foot of the Baou of St Jeannet in France, Graine & Ficelle invites you to come taste the pleasures of the farm. This gorgeous French farmhouse that has been turned into a bed & breakfast by owner Isabella Sallusti. It’s great location in the French country site (between Nice and Cannes) but still near the Côte d’Azur makes it a perfect holiday destination for children and adults. The property is still an active farm which offer lots of activities for children. Graine & Ficelle went straight on my list of places to visit!




Off to the side, away from the activities of the farm and vegetable garden, the guest rooms and cottages have spectacular view over the valley, where a generous breakfast is served.






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